WordPress Beginner’s Guide for Non-coders

» Bethany’s Presentation «

WordPress is more than a blogging system, it can run your whole website. But if you are new to WordPress and consider yourself a non-technical person, you may be looking for someone to explain things in simple terms. This presentation is for you.

It will help you to understand what WordPress is, how it works and where to get help. Whether running a complete website or a simple blog, you will also get to consider whether to use or

Are you looking for an easy explanation of what a content management system does or an overview of the visual editor? Do you get confused about widgets and plugins? Have you been looking to learn how to change the appearance of your site and want to know what to look for in a theme? This is covered in this easy non-coders view into an amazing, yet simple to use, piece of software called WordPress.

Plugging into Plugins

» Josh’s Presentation «

Developing for WordPress with Git Push

» Mike’s Slides «

Behind the Scenes: Demystifying the Black Box of WordPress Core

» Evan’s Slides «

This session will cover a collection of (hopefully) useful knowledge and tools to help understand how WordPress core works, and some examples of how to use and navigate WordPress more easily.

Developing with Custom Meta Boxes

» Jeremy’s Slides «

WordPress comes with a lot of great features for adding content to a site, but what if you need more flexibility? Custom meta boxes could be the answer. Learn how to add custom meta boxes to your theme or plugin so the user can easily add custom data to their site. We’ll clean up that long list of custom fields and make your edit screens neat and organized.  Then discover different ways to display the data on the site.

Responsive Design & WordPress Themes

» Rona’s Presentation «

Why build multiple sites for multiple devices when one site with some responsive media queries can transform your current website experience for desktop users into a streamlined one for mobile users? Responsive design holds a lot of potential for web authors and WordPress is a natural part of that toolkit. In this talk, you’ll learn how to include responsive design patterns in your site’s theme.

Building WordPress Sites to Last

» Zeke’s Presentation «

There’s so much you can build and publish with WordPress, but with so many themes, plugins, and hosting services, how do you keep it from all falling apart when you change a piece? If you approach your site with the big picture in mind, WordPress can help your site adapt to all kinds of changes without having to start over from scratch.

WordPress is Saving Journalism

» Joe’s Slides «

Learn how community newspapers in California are replacing their proprietary publishing systems with WordPress. Learn lots of outside the box uses for WordPress from someone who learned the hard way.

We’ll take a deeper dive into topics depending on audience interest. Talking points and demos include:

  • Plugin demos
  • Theme building
  • Child themes for mobile optimized sites
  • Scaling WordPress
  • Advertising sales models
  • Subscription based sites
  • and more!

Common Myths About WordPress Security

» Angela’s Presentation «

Over 70 million websites run WordPress and that number is growing astronomically. As a result, there’s big bang for the buck for hackers to go after any and all security vulnerabilities with your WordPress version, themes, plugins or access, taking the path of least resistance.

In this presenation, you can learn the common myths about WordPress security, why some WordPress sites are easy targets, and seven key things you can do to make your WordPress website or blog more secure.

Sources of Engagement: Social, Email and More

WordPress has many advantages over other blogging and CMS tools, not the least of which is that you own your WordPress site completely. Many people choose WordPress for their personal or business’s internet home for this reason and yet there are a plethora of tools out there outside of your WordPress install to get people looking at your stuff. This panel of experts will discuss the pros and cons of using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email Newsletters and much more to drive users to your content.

Core Competency: Things You Might Not Know about How WordPress Works (but should)

» Alex’s presentation «

WordPress as a platform has evolved over 8 years with contributions from hundreds of developers. This combination (along with the natural evolution of decision making that comes with experience) has left a number of “oh, it does that?” bits in the WordPress core codebase. We’ll explore a few of these so that you’ll be better equipped to work with and around them.

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