Speaker Spotlight: Angela Bowman | 10 WordPress Security Myths that Leave You Open to Attack

I teach WordPress classes at Boulder Digital Arts (BDA) and code custom WordPress sites for clients. Over the past couple years, I’ve received hundreds of emails from people with questions related to WordPress: “What plugin should I use for video? What theme is best for custom coding? How do I migrate my site to a new server? Can you fix my hacked site?”

To capitalize on the time I was spending responding to all these questions, I started a Q&A blog and an online persona called “Ask WP Girl” at http://askwpgirl.com. With her “mighty MacBook Pro,” this persona built a reputation around town and has reached further via the blog. Even my stepson was surprised when his geeky twenty-something friends informed him, “You know your stepmom is WordPress Girl, don’t you?” I was surprised it worked, too. I guess all you really need is a Gravatar and one popular blog post.

WordPress security didn’t really dawn on me until a couple years ago. I was cruising through some Tweets (http://twitter.com/askwpgirl) and came across a post that enlightened me on the inherent vulnerabilities of PHP and MySQL (of which WordPress is made). It hit me like a ton of bricks that I was doing my clients a huge disservice by building their sites and having no plan for maintenance or backups. I also realized that every student I taught at BDA needed to know about these inherent risks before their sites got hacked as well. So, I started teaching WordPress Security Essentials. It’s a three-hour class that I’ve boiled down to 40 minutes for Denver WordCamp:

10 WordPress Security Myths that Leave You Open to Attack


8 Simple Things You Can Do to Avoid Being Hacked

Protecting yourself against hackers is sort of like fending off the borg. In this presentation, I will address the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE most hackers use and how you can protect your site against the majority of these simple exploits and known vulnerabilities.

Join me at 11:30 on Saturday for not-to-overwhelming and hopeful conversation about keeping your sites more or less hack proof.

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Sponsor Guest Post: Page.ly

Hi there, WordCamper. We are Page.ly and we sort of invented this whole thing called Managed WordPress Hosting.

You are coming to WordCamp to learn about WordPress – We Manage and secure thousands of WordPress sites. Coincidence? We think not. As the first and most OG WordPress specific host, we just wanted to let you know that we are looking forward to meeting you in Denver, and helping you in the future make your WordPress experience better.


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Speaker Spotlight: Joe Boydston | WordPress is saving journalism

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I work for a group of small newspapers in California where I am responsible for all aspects of technology and digital publishing. My goal is to replace our legacy computer systems with WordPress powered alternatives.

What will you speaking about?
I’m talking about how newspapers are using WordPress as an application platform. Not just publishing websites but also producing the printed newspaper, managing ads and even subscribers.

Who is the target audience for your presentation?
This is a not a hard core dev talk, but I am prepared to talk generally about lessons learned when scaling WordPress and operating a high profile site.

Beginners and devs alike may enjoy hearing how WordPress is used in novel ways, and the profound impact it can have on an organization.

What do you hope WordCampers will get out of your session?
Primarily I hope people will think differently about what WordPress can do as a application platform, specifically it’s use by the publishing industry. My dreams would come true if someone used this technology to help other newspapers evolve and grow

Do you have a WP hero?
@mitcho and @nacin

Because these two people most inspired me to get involved and contribute back to the WordPress community. In my opinion, it’s not really open source until you pay it forward.

Link to speaker website: joeboydston.com

Twitter username: @joeboydston

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Speaker Spotlight: Joshua Strebel | The Many Faces of WordPress

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Joshua Strebel, Founder of Page.ly the First Managed WordPress Hosting service, a new father, a smart-ass, and WP user since 1.2.

What will you speaking about?
“The Many Faces of WordPress.” WordPress is very powerful and you can do so much than just blogging or basic websites. We’ll look at some of things you can do with WordPress beyond blogging.

Who is the target audience for your presentation?
Those just getting into WP and curious what they could do with it.

What do you hope WordCampers will get out of your session?
An understanding of of the scope and scale of the extensibility of WordPress.

How do you use WordPress?
At Pagely, we manage & secure thousands of deployments of the worlds most popular open source content management system.

What’s your favorite plugin?
Types, super easy Custom Post Type management.

What is that one thing WordPress doesn’t do that you wish it did?
Blog for me.

Link to speaker website:
Saint Rebel

Twitter username:

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Speaker Spotlight: Beth Hayden | Pinfluence

I’m Beth Hayden, and I’m the founder of a Tiny Dragon Media, a marketing agency that helps businesses create online marketing systems that really work. We create beautiful, flexible, functional WordPress websites and blogs for our clients. Tiny Dragon Media also offers customized marketing consulting on social media strategy, content marketing, email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

My new book, Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest, was published by Wiley and Sons in July 2012.

I am a Senior Staff Writer for Copyblogger Media, and I speak about blogging, content marketing, WordPress, social networking and Pinterest at conferences and events across the country.

At WordCamp 2012, I’ll be speaking on a panel called ”Sources of Engagement: Social, Email and More” where we’ll be discussing how to build online community and drive traffic to your WordPress site.

One of my specialties is Pinterest, so during the panel I’ll be focusing on Pinterest tips and topics. And since Pinterest is one of the easiest and best ways to drive traffic to your website, I’ve got a lot of cool ideas to share!

The target audience for our panel is personal or business WordPress users who want to build community and get more traffic – or anyone who is interested in learning more about social media or email marketing in conjunction with WordPress.

My team of developers and designers at Tiny Dragon Media uses WordPress to create beautiful and highly functional websites for our clients. Our team (of graphic designers, WordPress developers, marketing consultants and software trainers) customizes themes to create unique designs, hacks plugins, runs our
security protocols, and trains our clients on how to use WordPress to market their businesses.

I think WordPress is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My favorite plugin is Copyblogger’s Scribe SEO plugin.

My website (where you can download a free Pinterest marketing guide) is at Beth Hayden.com

My Twitter ID is @bethjhayden

My Pinterest ID is bethhayden

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Speaker Spotlight: Zeke Weeks | Building WordPress Sites to Last

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a web developer from Colorado. I fell in love with WordPress because it empowers people to have their own voice on the Web. My goal as a web professional is to make myself obsolete.

What will you speaking about?
My session is called “Building WordPress Sites to Last.” There’s so much you can build and publish with WordPress, but with so many themes, plugins, and hosting services, how do you keep it from all falling apart when you change a piece?

Over my experience with WordPress users of all stripes and skill levels, I’ve identified a simple big-picture approach to building, extending, and maintaining WordPress sites that can adapt to all kinds of changes with minimal complication.

Who is the target audience for your presentation?
My presentation is meant for anyone who has a WordPress site, or develops for WordPress.

What do you hope WordCampers will get out of your session?

  • An approach for combining WordPress core, themes, and plugins in a way that works as well today as it will five years from now
  • When to use a plugin and when to use a theme (for both users and writers of themes and plugins)
  • How to align your biggest content efforts with the best-supported parts of WordPress
  • How to leave Web 1.0 hosting behind and make your site faster, more secure, and up-to-date (all while doing less work than you did before!)

How do you use WordPress?
I run my personal website on WordPress — just a simple static site and blog. It’s been running the same WordPress installation since 2005, when version 1.5 introduced such stunning new features as static pages and the “Kubrick” default theme.

I think every WordPress designer and developer should blog regularly about their passions – it’s the only way to personally identify with users’ needs.

What’s your favorite plugin?
This month I’m loving APC Object Cache, a simple little thing which dramatically improves performance of WordPress on single-server installations – especially when combined with Batcache.

What is that one thing WordPress doesn’t do that you wish it did?
I wish for an admin experience that is 100% as functional and usable on mobile touch devices as it is through a web desktop.

Link to speaker website: http://zekeweeks.com
Twitter username: @ZekeWeeks

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Session Spotlight: Rona Kilmer | Responsive Web Design & WordPress

Responsive Web Design is big these days and rightly so.

If you have a website, there is no reason to think people on mobile devices won’t be visiting it. Make sure you are providing an elegant experience for everybody visiting your site.

In this session, beginners will learn how to get started using existing themes and plugins. For those looking to build a responsive theme from scratch, you’ll get the low down on how to make it happen plus loads of tips to save you time and spare you headaches along the way.

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Speaker Spotlight: Mike Van Winkle | Developing for WordPress with Git Push

Hey Denver,

My name is MIke Van Winkle, Wink for short, and I’m one of the lead developers at WP Engine.  That means I get to answer support tickets and build tools that you hopefully use on a day-to-day basis with the WordPress sites that you build.

I’ve been developing with WordPress since 2004, and have been a professional developer for 5 years. But it wasn’t until just about two years ago that I started working with Version Control systems like .SVN and .Git. At first it seemed too complicated to be useful, but it wasn’t long before I was slapping myself on the forehead: why did I wait this long !

At WordCamp Denver, I’m going to deploy a brand new presentation that we’ve developed about the best practices of using .git for version control called “Deploying code with .Git: Everything you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.” The hope is that by demystifying the major concepts behind .Git, as well as version control in general, we can further increase the adoption version control in the WordPress Community.

The presentation will be hosting agnostic, so every developer interested in version control can come and apply the best practices we’ll put forth to their WordPress site. We will stay pretty technical, walking through concepts like creating a repo, committing files, versioning, and using .git to work in teams and avoid “Cowboy Coding.” We’ll also compare .git to SVN and explain why .git has some key advantages for WordPress developers. There will be a walkthrough with screenshots to show you the deployment process, and we’ll conclude with your questions.

If we run out of time and you still have questions, we can keep the conversation going over beers at the afterparty 🙂

See you all at WordCamp!

Link to speaker website: http://www.www.wpengine.com

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Speaker Spotlight: Jeremy Green | Custom Meta Boxes

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Jeremy Green and I live in Fort Collins, CO. I learned how to make websites when Angelfire and Geocities were cool. Two years ago I started Endo Creative, a small web design and development company. We use WordPress for most of our projects.

In my free time I like to ride mountain bikes on the single track around Fort Collins, roast coffee in an old popcorn popper, and read classic novels.

What will you speaking about?

I will be presenting about adding custom meta boxes to your theme or plugin. I recently completed a project that required a lot of custom data entry into specific sections of the site. Using custom meta boxes I created a clean, customized backend that the user admin could use to easily change out data without have to mess with code and layout.

Who is the target audience for your presentation?

Anyone who creates custom themes or plugins.

What do you hope WordCampers will get out of your session?

I hope they will learn more about how to utilize the functionality built into the WordPress core. WordPress has lots of extra features built into it, you just have to know about them and how to use them.

How do you use WordPress?

I use WordPress everyday on client projects. I design and build custom WordPress themes, and create small plugins if I can’t find what I need in the repository. I also do WordPress support and training for people who just need a bit of help to get their site going.

Personally, I have a self hosted WordPress blog that I use to hone my adventure writing skills. And in January of 2012 I organized the Fort Collins WordPress Meetup to help share knowledge and ideas with other WordPress enthusiasts.

What’s your favorite plugin?

At the moment my favorite plugin is WordPress Backup to Dropbox. I set it up on all my sites as a quick and easy backup solution. And since it syncs with Dropbox on my desktop and the cloud, I automatically have a backup of my site in multiple places.

What is that one thing WordPress doesn’t do that you wish it did?

I don’t like how WordPress handles media files for galleries. It would be great if you could create galleries in a post based on your entire media library, and not just the images attached to that post.

Link to speaker website: http://www.endocreative.com
Twitter username: @greenhornet79

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Schedule Posted

Greetings, WordCampers! The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived: the preliminary schedule for WordCamp on Saturday, October 13 and Hack Day on Sunday, October 14 has been posted. Keep your eye on the sessions page, too, we’ll be adding more descriptions as they become available.

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